Bookmaker SDK - Java

Versions: (3/13/2019) recommended
LiveData update:
added property Order to the Player
added property MatchStatus to ScoutEvent
added property SportId to MatchHeader (1/24/2019)
Added NumberOfWinners property to the EventInfoEntity (10/17/2018)
Fix: updates LiveOdds schema to support zero TvChannels
Updated schemas for LiveData and LiveOdds (update 2018.5)
Added AFTER_GOLDEN_SET and AWAITING_GOLDEN_SET to match status enum (5/18/2018)
Added Lcoo invalid message log entry
In MatchHeader type of property Delivery changed from Team to Integer to support cricket values
Added value 1020-SurfaceType to EventType enum (3/26/2018)
New LiveScout properties(Goals, Behinds) (12/22/2017)
New LiveScout properties exposure (9/18/2017)
Enum EventType marked deprecated
Property type on ScoutEventEntity marked deprecated
Added typeId property to ScoutEventEntity
Fixed populating virtualGameId for virtual sports (8/29/2017)
Added EXTREME value in WeatherConditions enum
Added properties TouchdownType and ConversionType to ScoutEventEntity (7/31/2017)
Logback rolling policy file name pattern fix
Lcoo http client system properties support
Scouttest port change to 2047
Updated OddsCreator wsdl (added method getTennisMatchInfo) (5/30/2017)
* LiveOdds update:
- added statusId property on the EventHeaderEntity
* LiveScout update:
- added coverageStatusId property on the EventHeaderEntity
- added support for NetWorth and Gold on the MatchUpdateEntity
- fixed the exposure of innings, they are now exposed as a List
* Minor shading improvement
* Example updated with LiveOddsWithOutrights(VFC) (4/25/2017)
Upgraded logback library to version 1.2.3
3rd party libraries are shaded within jar (3/28/2017)
Fixed settings of VirtualGameId and RaceDayNumber in virtual sports
Added UniqueId to home and away team property (3/21/2017)
Added HomeCompetitors and AwayCompetitors to MatchInfo entity (1/31/2017)
To LiveOdds feed added CoveredFrom property (indicates whether the match is being covered from a television feed or the scout is at the match venue) (1/16/2017)
LCoO dispatches correctly even with multiple dispatcher threads (1/3/2017)
Dispatch outright status pack:true correctly
Workaround for wrong odds type in translation message for virtual feeds
Added DISPATCHER_FULL value to FeedEventType enum for OnFeedEvent
Read dispatcher settings also for LCoO (10/4/2016)
LiveOdds XSD has changed (10/3/2016)
LiveOdds/LiveScout 2016.5 release changes