Bookmaker SDK - Java


1.16.0 (5/17/2021) recommended
LiveData: Added MatchUpdateEntity.getScores() to get list of scores (may contain sub-score) (11/19/2020)
LiveData update for NFL - new method ScoutEventEntity.getDriveInfoStatus (9/17/2020)
LiveData: added attributes for NFL and CS:GO (8/11/2020)
LiveOdds: Added new event status for MLB
LiveData: Added FormatType.RegularInnings
LiveData: Added support for new MLB match status (6/22/2020)
LiveData update for NFL Premium product
Added MatchProperties and MatchTeams to MatchUpdate
Added attributes for NFL Premium update - extended ScoutEventEntity (3/3/2020)
Fix: pitcherType was loaded from eventType (2/13/2020)
LiveData MatchHeaderEntity - added methods for ExtMatchId, Var, TeamMatch, TeamMatchId, IsCancelled
LiveData ScoutHeaderEntity - added methods for Uuid, PitchType, PitchSpeed, BattingAverages, BatBallSpeed, BatBallAngle, BatBallDirection, Structure, MonsterType, DragonType, WardsPlaced, ChampionDamage
Changing default pull intervals for LCoO to initial delay of 7s and regular delay of 12s
Fix: loading CoveredFrom enum from feed message
Fix: guard against null values in OutrightStatus.isLiteralValueEqual (3/13/2019)
LiveData update:
added property Order to the Player
added property MatchStatus to ScoutEvent
added property SportId to MatchHeader (1/24/2019)
Added NumberOfWinners property to the EventInfoEntity (10/17/2018)
Fix: updates LiveOdds schema to support zero TvChannels
Updated schemas for LiveData and LiveOdds (update 2018.5)
Added AFTER_GOLDEN_SET and AWAITING_GOLDEN_SET to match status enum (5/18/2018)
Added Lcoo invalid message log entry
In MatchHeader type of property Delivery changed from Team to Integer to support cricket values
Added value 1020-SurfaceType to EventType enum (3/26/2018)
New LiveScout properties(Goals, Behinds) (12/22/2017)
New LiveScout properties exposure (9/18/2017)
Enum EventType marked deprecated
Property type on ScoutEventEntity marked deprecated
Added typeId property to ScoutEventEntity
Fixed populating virtualGameId for virtual sports (8/29/2017)
Added EXTREME value in WeatherConditions enum
Added properties TouchdownType and ConversionType to ScoutEventEntity (7/31/2017)
Logback rolling policy file name pattern fix
Lcoo http client system properties support
Scouttest port change to 2047
Updated OddsCreator wsdl (added method getTennisMatchInfo) (5/30/2017)
* LiveOdds update:
- added statusId property on the EventHeaderEntity
* LiveScout update:
- added coverageStatusId property on the EventHeaderEntity
- added support for NetWorth and Gold on the MatchUpdateEntity
- fixed the exposure of innings, they are now exposed as a List
* Minor shading improvement
* Example updated with LiveOddsWithOutrights(VFC) (4/25/2017)
Upgraded logback library to version 1.2.3
3rd party libraries are shaded within jar (3/28/2017)
Fixed settings of VirtualGameId and RaceDayNumber in virtual sports
Added UniqueId to home and away team property (3/21/2017)
Added HomeCompetitors and AwayCompetitors to MatchInfo entity (1/31/2017)
To LiveOdds feed added CoveredFrom property (indicates whether the match is being covered from a television feed or the scout is at the match venue) (1/16/2017)
LCoO dispatches correctly even with multiple dispatcher threads (1/3/2017)
Dispatch outright status pack:true correctly
Workaround for wrong odds type in translation message for virtual feeds
Added DISPATCHER_FULL value to FeedEventType enum for OnFeedEvent
Read dispatcher settings also for LCoO (10/4/2016)
LiveOdds XSD has changed (10/3/2016)
LiveOdds/LiveScout 2016.5 release changes