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Sportradar.SDK.FeedProviders.LiveOdds.Common Namespace

Contains elements common for all LiveOdds feeds
Public classAlive

Betradar system sends Alive message every 10 seconds so that a bookmaker client can be sure that it has a working connection to the Betradar system at all times.

This message contains status, timestamp in UTC, and empty Match elements to identify the events that Betradar system supplies live odds for at the given time. Every event element also contains betstatus information ("started" or "stopped").

Score information included with the event indicates the current score in the event while the msgnr indicates the number of the last message sent for this event.

Public classAliveEventArgs
Event arguments passed with OnAlive.
Public classBetCancel
Indicates that an odds type for a match has been cancelled for a reason. All bets accepted on the odds with that id should be cancelled and cashed out with an odd of 1,0 (stakes returned). If the StartTime and EndTime are set, only bets accepted in this interval should be cancelled.
Public classBetCancelEventArgs
Event arguments passed with OnBetCancel.
Public classBetCancelUndo
Indicates undo of some previous bet cancellation when for some reason an odds type has been cancelled when it shouldn’t have been. Odds element will match the Odds element of the corresponding “cancelbet" message. StartTime and EndTime will also match the values from the previous “cancelbet" message.
Public classBetCancelUndoEventArgs
Event arguments passed with OnBetCancelUndo.
Public classBetClear

Indicates that a situation occurred during the match so that a bet can be decided. Time which is set to (Timestamp - Time) seconds indicates the time at which the event happened. The message also includes the match element indicating the match id and the cleared score with an Odds element indicating the odds type, and this again with each EventOddsField and the status of the outcomes.

Some bet types, like Asian handicap and Asian total, can also include void factor for each EventOddsField element. Void factor can either be 1 or 0.5 indicating that the whole or half the bet is voided and should be refunded to the customer. When the void factor is set to 0.5 the outcome attribute will indicate if the other half is won or lost.

The id attribute in the Odds element corresponds to the odds elements in the previously sent out odds change messages. Evaluation of bet outcomes is responsibility of the client.

Public classBetClearEventArgs
Event arguments passed with OnBetClear.
Public classBetClearRollback
Indicates that a wrong information was sent out about a bet clearing and that previous bet clear should be rolled back now. Odds identified by corresponding ids tell what odds the bet clear rollback is for. ClearedScore will be set to the cleared score of the original bet clearing. The time for the original bet clearing is (Timestamp - Time) seconds. The odds element also includes odds field elements to indicate what field was cleared in the original bet clearing. The client is responsible to handle this accordingly.
Public classBetClearRollbackEventArgs
Event arguments passed with OnBetClearRollback.
Public classBetStart
Indicates that the bets for a particular match can open again. The message contains s Timestamp and also a Time attribute which tells when the situation occurred in seconds before the Timestamp. If time is 0, bet start is from timestamp, if time > 0, bet start is from (Timestamp - Time). Score indicates the current score in the match.
Public classBetStartEventArgs
Event arguments passed with OnBetStart.
Public classBetStop
Indicates that a betstop situation occurred during a match (e.g. goal, red card or other important event occurred). When the bets can open again, a "betstart" message will be sent. Bet stop message contains Timestamp and also a Time attribute which tells when the situation occurred in seconds before the Timestamp. If time is 0 betstop is from timestamp, if time > 0, betstop is from (Timestamp - Time). Score indicates the current score in the match.
Public classBetStopEventArgs
Event arguments passed with OnBetStop.
Public classBetStopReason
Reason abut a bet stop.
Public classEventDataReceivedEventArgs
Event arguments passed with OnEventMessages and OnEventStatus.
Public classEventHeader
Contains core data about an event. Base class for RaceHeader and MatchHeader
Public classEventOdds
Match odds and corresponding odd fields.
Public classEventOddsField
Match odds field specifying each outcome for a specific odds type. Only odds types that are active contain odds fields.
Public classEventOddsLite
Match odds used for bet type registration request (i.e. activation and deactivation of odds types and fields).
Public classIrrelevantOddsChange
Indicates that a change occurred which should be of no interest to the client. This could for example be bet clearing of an odds type which is unsubscribed. If this is not set, then an odds update is sent instead.
Public classMetaInfo
Contains event meta-information in response to client meta request or when a event is added to the system or when a event has been cancelled.
Public classMetaInfoDataContainer
Base class for data contained in MetaInfo. Classes extending this one are LiveOddsMetaData and RaceMetaData
Public classMetaInfoEventArgs
Event arguments passed with OnMetaInfo.
Public classOddsChange
When an odds change occurs, all the odds types for that match are sent in a message. Only active odds types contain odds fields, while inactive odds types do not. Each odds type also has an attribute named changed which indicates whether this odds type has been changed or not. An attribute score indicates the current score in the match.
Public classOddsChangeEventArgs
Event arguments passed with OnOddsChange.
Public classOddsEntityBase
Serves as a base class that all LiveOdds entities should be derived from.
Public classRaceResultEventArgs
Event arguments passed with OnRaceResult.
Public classReplyStartEnd
Reply start and reply end messages can be used to easier group the response messages together and to know when a new response starts and ends.
Public classScoreCardSummaryEventArgs
Event arguments passed with OnScoreCardSummary.
Public classSingleHeaderEvent
Base class for all events that regard only one event
Public classSingleHeaderWithOddsEvent
Base class for all events that regard only one event and contain odds
Public interfaceILiveOddsCommon
Interface describing events and methods common for all LiveOdds feeds which do not contain outrights
Public interfaceILiveOddsCommonBase
Interface describing events and methods common for all LiveOdds feeds
Public enumerationEventBetStatus
Bet status
Public enumerationEventOddsType
Event odds type
Public enumerationEventStatus
Event status as used by Live Odds.
Public enumerationOddsMatchEarlyBetStatus
Early bet status
Public enumerationOddsReplyType
Message reply type that identifies the type of message coming from This attribute is used for replies to error, current, unregister, register and score requests from clients.
Public enumerationOddsServerType
Live odds feed server type
Public enumerationOddsStatus
Live Odds status specifying the actual message type (e.g. current, clearbet, change, score, cards, etc.)
Public enumerationOddsTypeFieldStatus
Odds field status used during bet type registration.