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Sportradar.SDK.FeedProviders.LiveOdds.LiveOdds Namespace

Contains elements specific for match oriented LiveOdds feeds
Public classBaseScoreCardEntry
Score/Card summary by time. Used for live reporting of results/cards and final results (fulltime/halftime). The same card and the same score can be sent several times; this is used to update information, for example player or time. Serves as a base class for CardEntry and ScoreEntry.
Public classBetPal
BetPal info object
Public classCardEntry
Card summary by time that is updated live.
Public classExtraMatchInfo
Additional information about period lengths, number of sets played, etc., that is included with MatchInfo. Other information might be added later on, so a client should be able to handle it.
Public classLiveOddsMetaData
MetaInfoDataContainer for match oriented feeds
Public classCode exampleMatchHeader
Basic match information.
Public classMatchHeaderInfo
Combined MatchHeader and MatchInfo information.
Public classMatchInfo
Match information containing the date and time of the match, sport, category, tournament, teams and what TV-channels this match is broadcasted on.
Public classRegisterUnregisterBetType
Supports activation of the whole match as well as activation of odds types and nested odds fields for a particular match.
Public classScoreCardSummary
Used for live reporting of results/cards and final results (e.g. fulltime, halftime, overtime).
Public classScoreEntry
Score summary by time that is updated live or when final results after full/half/over time are known.
Public interfaceILiveOdds
Live odds client interface.
Public interfaceILiveOddsTestManager
Enables replay of matches on LiveOdds test server. Wait for OnConnectionStable before using it
Public enumerationCard
Card type (yellow or red)
Public enumerationCoveredFromType
Indicates whether the match is being covered from a television feed or the scout is at the match venue
Public enumerationOddsScoreType
Score type (full time, half time, live, etc.)