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Sportradar.SDK.FeedProviders.LiveOdds.RaceLiveOdds.Common Namespace

Contains elements specific for race oriented LiveOdds feeds
Public classRaceCompetitor
Represents a competitor in a race Base class for RaceCompetitorVdr and RaceCompetitorVhc
Public classRaceDay
Entity containg data about specific race day
Public classRaceHeader
Contains core data about a race
Public classRaceHeaderInfo
Entity containing RaceHeader and RaceInfo. Appears in MetaInfo in race feeds
Public classRaceInfo
Contains extra info about a race
Public classRaceMetaData
MetaInfoDataContainer for race oriented feeds
Public classRaceResult
Represents the results of a race.
Public interfaceILiveOddsRace
Interface describing events and methods in race oriented LiveOdds feeds