2.0.23http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=145http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=1454/18/2019 1:00:00 PMexposed Round.getGroupId() improved handling of SportEventStatus updates fix: incorrect message validation fix: initial value for eventStatus2.0.22http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=142http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=1424/8/2019 1:00:00 PMadded support for non-cached fixture endpoint improved fetching logic for the summary endpoint fix: handling pre:outcometext and simpleteam ids in cache fix: null check for names in Category and Sport2.0.21http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=138http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=1383/12/2019 1:00:00 PMexposed EventResult.getGrid() exposed Reference.getAamsId() added support for ReferenceIds for competitors within season/tournament groups added support for simpleteam competitors and related API calls improved recovery logic on channel disconnect improved how type on PeriodScore is loaded added runParallel argument on play method on ReplayManager fix: null check for names in Category and Sport fix: how periods score data is saved and exposed (period type and description was wrong) 2.0.20http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=133http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=1332/14/2019 1:00:00 PMexposed getTimestamps() on Message added getRecoveryInfo() (info about last recovery) to the Producer added support for replay feed to the Feed instance fix: MarketMappingDataImpl.canMap - added producerId check fix: Sport.getCategories now returns all categories, delayed fetching until needed fix: Locking problem with market description fetching fix: null check when mapping CoveredFrom fix: added null check in PeriodScoreImpl note: artifact moved to maven central2.0.19.1http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=128http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=1281/9/2019 1:00:00 PMfix: null check when mapping CoveredFrom enum2.0.19http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=126http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=1261/7/2019 1:00:00 PMadded Fixture.CoverageInfo.CoveredFrom property added getOutcomeType method to MarketDefinition (to replace includes_outcomes_of_type) fix: Competitor.References - fixture is fetched only if competitor references are explicitly requested by user fix: avoiding fetching fixture for BookingStatus when received via schedule2.0.18http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=124http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=12412/18/2018 1:00:00 PMadded method getWillBeRestarted to SnapshotCompleted message added OddsGenerationProperties to the OddsChange message replay session using any token returns production replay summary endpoint added support for custom api hosts (recovery for producers uses custom urls) added Season start time and end time to exposed dates renamed Staging to Integration environment other minor fixes and improvements2.0.17http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=120http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=12011/16/2018 1:00:00 PMexposed BookmakerDetails on OddsFeed - exposing bookmakerId, serverTimeDifference and token expiration date removed fetching of fixture for TournamentRound (only summary, if needed) improved handling of competitor reference id(s) minimized rest api calls - removed calls for eng, when not needed (requires language to be set in configuration) outcomeSettlement default deadHeatFactor set to 1 (before 0) removed purging of sportEventStatus on betSettlement message fix: null bug for nodeId in configuration fix: the ordinal name spelling for all languages2.0.16http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=117http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=11710/17/2018 1:00:00 PMadded Competition.getStatusIfPresent() to retrieve if from cache without API call added Match.getEventTimelineIfPresent() to retrieve if from cache without API call added properties to TimelineEvent (goalScorer, player, assists,...) added warn message for negative nodeId (negative id is reserved for internal use only) improvement: added a dedicated executor for the RecoveryManager fix: SportEventStatusCache considers source of status and cache timeout fix: for null competitor abbreviation (must not be null) fix: calling the summary with nodeId if specified (on replay server) - sport event status changes during replay of the match2.0.15http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=112http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=1129/17/2018 1:00:00 PMadded new event status: EventStatus.Interrupted updated api xsd schemas added handling of PlayerCompetitor available in Competitor.Players changed return type of method Competitor.getPlayers() to list of Player (to support players and competitors) sport event EventStatus exposed directly on Competition.getEventStatus() optimized data fetching on sport event (data from schedule for a day is not fetched again)2.0.14http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=111http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=1118/24/2018 1:00:00 PMadded support for getting outcome odds in different formats - getOdds(OddsDisplayType) AMQP threads named based on Bookmaker/nodeId fix: added missing support for node_id on snapshot_complete routing keys fix: added missing null checks for getMappings fix: added null check when fetching sportId2.0.13http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=109http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=1098/2/2018 1:00:00 PMfix: competitor references are saved per sport event2.0.12http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=108http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=1087/25/2018 1:00:00 PMadded check for feed opened before closing its components added purging of Draw event data on BetStop and BetSettlement added support for 2 routing keys for VirtualSports message interest added support for new producer field (stateful_recovery_window_in_minutes) added Pitcher info on SportEventConditions2.0.11http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=106http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=1066/26/2018 1:00:00 PMintroduced a new "UnparsableMessage" callback increased max concurrent HTTP requests to 15 (from 2) fixed market cache refresh failure retry added support for custom API IP (with custom port) other minor fixes2.0.10http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=104http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=1046/11/2018 1:00:00 PMexposure of Fixture.getScheduledStartTimeChanges exposure of Reference.getRotationNumber fixed OutcomeMappingData.getProducerOutcomeId return value fixed Competition.getVenue return value2.0.9http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=103http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=1035/22/2018 1:00:00 PMmarket/outcome name generation performance improvement(if the required data is cached) fixed Stage.getParent(in some cases the "middle" parent stage was skipped and the method returned always the "top" level parent) event competitors list cache logic updated(always overwrite instead of merge) simpleteam caching logic update log entries improved2.0.8http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=100http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=1005/7/2018 6:00:00 PMintroduced the new SDKProducerStatusListener.onProducerStatusChange in favour of onProducerDown and onProducerUp added support for node id on per event recoveries fixed ReplayManager.getPlayStatus removed unneeded YAML reader warning fixed system time validation(some locales had issues while parsing the server response time)2.0.7http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=98http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=984/16/2018 6:00:00 PMexposure of Fixture.getReplacedBy exposure of Venue.getCountryCode exposure of Round.getPhaseOrGroupLongName sport event status caching improved improved alive messages monitoring added system time validation against API time added support for YAML configuration other logic and code improvements2.0.6http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=96http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=963/28/2018 8:00:00 PMexposure of Fixture.getStartTimeTbd added support for decimal results on "EventResult"(Stage entity results) added the possibility to set a custom messaging virtual host on the CustomConfigurationBuilder added sample SDK properties to the included example added support to purge sport event status on demand(trough SportsInfoManager) improved handling of "simpleteam" entities when a match gets booked successfully, the SDK now updates the internal state of the booking status minor fixes and improvements2.0.5http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=91http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=913/13/2018 9:00:00 PMconfiguration build process refactored, previous build path was deprecated! added a new market type - MarketCancel, accessible trough the BetCancel message addition of the EventStatus.Postponed enum value match status fetching logic improvements fixed flex score market name generation (0.0 -> 0, 1.0 -> 1,...) Fixture.getNextLiveTime date parsing fixed improved handling of malformed market specifiers added the possibility to get adjusted market mappings added additional features to the ReplayManager play and playScenario methods added support for using staging tokens on the replay server added advanced replay event scenarios (available in the example project) minor improvements on the feed session message interests checking example projects updated to use staging as default environment default staging broker URL fixed log fixes and improvements2.0.4http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=89http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=892/20/2018 8:00:00 PMexposure of additional information on the Fixture added SDK support for MDC context tag(uf-sdk-tag) improved recovery id generation logic fixed ReplayManager.addSportEventToReplay method improved WNS lotteries endpoint handling minor fixes2.0.3http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=86http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=861/29/2018 6:00:00 PMadded support for the WNS producer addition of "OutcomeResult" to OutcomeSettlement OutcomeSettlement.isWinning deprecated in favour of "OutcomeResult" entities ordinal name generation fix other minor improvements and bug fixes2.0.2http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=81http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=811/15/2018 6:00:00 PMadded support for replay server node id added support for seamless access to staging env(trough the configuration) extended support for SDK configuration trough the properties file exposure of named value ids(void reasons, betstop reason,...) events cache improvements variant markets caching update2.0.1http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=79http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=7912/22/2017 9:00:00 PMmodification of the variant market name generation introduced new fixture change types(the new types previously mapped to "OTHER") further improvements on the cache loading system added support for $event name template added support for negative SDK node id added additional replay server features(ReplayManager methods update) default replay queue clearing removed MarketMappingData.getProducerId deprecated, replaced with MarketMappingData.getProducerIds PeriodStatistics.getTeamStatisticDTOS deprecated, replaced with PeriodStatistics.getTeamStatistics EventClock.getRemainingDate deprecated, replaced with EventClock.getRemainingTime other minor fixes/improvements/Javadoc fixes2.0.0http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=76http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=7611/28/2017 5:00:00 PMmodification of the variant market name generation addition of the Match.getEventTimeline manual cache purge methods exposure added support for LiveOdds booking addition of the Tournament.getSeasons additional player and competitor properties exposure SDK node id support javadoc fixes improvements (tournament round loading, additional data exposure,..) log improvements (API response messages, caching,..) bug fixes examples update2.0.0 BETA-4http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=71http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=7111/6/2017 5:00:00 PMSportEvent hierarchy overhaul - 'stage' support added support for probability endpoints improvements (player markets optimizations,..) bug fixes2.0.0 BETA-3http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=67http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=6710/9/2017 8:00:00 PMFurther recovery process improvements Message validation Virtual sports support Addition of CurrentSeason.getSchedule() Added additional examples Added support for %server market name template Various optimization to reduce GC impact on performance Logs improvements Other bug fixes Minor Javadoc fixes2.0.0 BETA-2http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=66http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=669/18/2017 10:00:00 PMVariant market name generation fix Introduction of new ProducerDownReason and ProducerUpReason enum values Added support for specific event recovery Added a new method on the Producer object, getTimestampForRecovery - the return value of this method should be used to initiate a SDK recovery after a manual restart Improved support for event name generation(SportEvent.getName(Locale)) Introduction of a sport specific type object -> SoccerEvent Breaking change: the SportEventStatus was replaced with the CompetitionStatus(added support for soccer statistics,...) Breaking change: introduced a new type of SportEvent called LongTerm event which is than extended by Tournament and Season Recovery procedure improvements Stability improvements Improvement of various log entries Javadoc improvements and fixes Other bug fixes2.0.0.0 betahttp://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=56http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=568/28/2017 10:00:00 PMData translation fixes Improved recovery manager Improved Javadoc Improved logs Spelling corrections PlayerOutcomeOdds introduction Re-introduction of the enum PeriodType SportsInfo interface renamed to SportsInfoManager Replay feed initialization procedure updated Added support for accessing sports without tournaments (SportsInfoManager.getSports()) And other fixes NOTE: There will be minor changes in the SportEventStatus interface(including the addition of match statistics) alphahttp://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=51http://sdk.sportradar.com:80/unifiedfeed/java2/file?v=517/25/2017 10:00:00 PMInitial release