UnifiedFeed SDK - NetStandard 2.1

Versions: (8/19/2020) recommended
Extended SeasonInfo with startDate, endDate, year and tournamentId
FIx: special case when recovery status does not reflect actual state - results in wrong triggering ProducerUp-Down event
Fix: URN.TryParse could throw unhandled exception
Fix: several issues with CustomBet(Manager) fixed
Fix: Export-Import breaks on missing data
Fix: Lottery throws exception when no schedule is obtained from api
Fix: missing nodeId in snapshot_complete routing key
Fix: SportDataProvider.GetActiveTournaments returned null
Fix: SportEventCache: improved locking mechanism on period fetching of schedule for a date
Fix: reloading market description in case variant descriptions are not available
Improved logging of initial message processing (7/9/2020)
Added GetSportAsync() and GetCategoryAsync() to ICompetitor interface
Throttling recovery requests
Fix: support Replay routing keys without node id
Fix: calling Replay fixture endpoint with node id (6/24/2020)
Added support for configuring HTTP timeout
Added overloaded methods for fixture and result changes with filters
Updated supported languages
Removed logging of feed message for disabled producers
Exposed RawMessage on UnparsableMessageEventArgs
Changed retention policy for variant market cache
Improved reporting of invalid message interest combinations
Fix: Synchronized Producer Up/Down event dispatching
Fix: Disposing of Feed instance
Fix: Permanent failure to open connection to feed (5/11/2020)
Added FullName, Nickname and CountryCode to IPlayerProfile
Added support for result changes endpoint
IMatchStatus provide nullable Home and Away score (extended with IMatchStatusV1)
Fix: MaxRecoveryTime is properly used to check for timeouts (4/16/2020)
Added GetScheduleAsync to the BasicTournament
Added bookmakerId to the ClientProperties
Fix: fixture endpoint on Replay
Fix: refreshing categories after complete sport data cache reload (3/25/2020)
Changed Replay API URL (3/23/2020)
Fix: invalid timestamp for cashout probabilities
Fix: handle settlement markets without outcomes
Fix: EventRecoveryCompleted is properly raised when snapshot completes (3/16/2020)
Fix: added IOutcomeSettlement.OutcomeResult instead of IOutcomeSettlement.Result (obsolete)
Fix: competitor references for seasons
Fix: failing API requests on some configurations (2/18/2020)
Added State to the Competitor
Added State to the Venue
Extended ISportInfoProvider.DeleteSportEventFromCache with option to delete sport event status
Improved logging for connection errors
Improved fetching fixtures for Replay environment
Fix: calling variant endpoint only if user requests market data
Fix: NullPointerException in ReplayManager (1/15/2020)
Fix: DI error for FeedRecoveryManager (1/14/2020)
Added new Replay API endpoints (FEEDSDK-1316)
Updated DemoProject to use ILoggerFactory
Added metrics to SpecificEntityWriter in DemoProject
Fix: fetching outcome mappings for special markets that exists only on dynamic variant endpoint (FEEDSDK-1314) (1/6/2020)
Port of UF SDK to .NET Standard 2.1
Replaced Metrics.NET with App.Metrics
Replaced Code.Contracts with Dawn.Guard conditions
Replaced Common.Logging with Microsoft.Extensions.Logging
Upgraded RabbitMQ.Client to v5.1.2
Upgraded Newtonsoft.Json to v12.0.3
Upgraded Unity to 5.11.3
Removed obsolete methods and properties
Merged V1, V2, ... extended interfaces into base one