.NET Bookmaker SDK (Version 2.x)

Bookmaker SDK is a client library that enables easier integration with the Betradar XML feeds. SDK exposes XML feed service interface in a more user-friendly way and isolates the client from having to do XML feed parsing, proper connection handling, error recovery, event queuing and dispatching. It also makes a client solution more stable and robust when it comes to feed handling, especially with the release of new and updated XML feed versions.

Currently a .NET 4.0+ version is available, Java release can be found here.

Note : Version 1.x is now deprecated. Version 2.x .NET SDK will be used for all further development.

We would like to inform you that after 20th of December 2016, 14:00 CET NuGet server (http://nuget.sdk.sportradar.com) hosting .Net version of the BookmakerSDK NuGet packages, will no longer be available.

Existing NuGet packages will be migrated to public NuGet server (nuget.org) on 13th of December 2016 at 14:00 CET. In order to assure a smooth migration and to avoid service interruptions we kindly ask you to reconfigure Visual Studio (dev IDE) before 20th December, 2016, so it will no longer use http://nuget.sdk.sportradar.com/nuget as a NuGet source.

Please follow the steps below to remove the NuGet source from NuGet Package Manager:
  • Open Microsoft Visual Studio
  • From the top menu select “Tools”, than click “Options…”
  • In the “Options” window expand “NuGet Package Manager” section and click on “Package Sources”.
  • On the right-hand side of the window select the source you want to remove and click the "Remove" button on the top

SDK users that are upgrading from or older please note that from SDK LiveOdds was migrated to LivePlex. When migrating to newer version please follow these instructions.

We recommend installing the .NET SDK version using the Nuget Server.

For a quick start consider consulting the README.

Supported feeds & services

  • LiveScout
  • LiveOdds
  • Betpal
  • LivePlex
  • OddsCreator
  • Soccer Roulette
  • Life Cycle of Odds
  • Virtual Football League
  • Virtual Horse Classics
  • Virtual Dog Racing
  • Virtual Tennis Open
  • Virtual Basketball League
  • Virtual Football Cup


  • Extensible with support for other/new XML feeds (LiveScore, etc.)
  • Reliable message delivery
  • Automatic feed connection handling
  • Automatic request rate limiting and throttling
  • Advanced logging and diagnostics
  • Low latency and high throughput event dispatching
  • Advanced event queuing and prioritization
  • Gracefully handles feed version upgrades
  • Well-documented SDK library data and operation contracts
  • Reference Live Odds and Live Scout implementations including source code


  • Faster XML feed integration time
  • More user friendly interface with XML feed services
  • Better support from the Sportradar support team due to easier troubleshooting
  • Well tested out, reliable and stable solution


  • "Include response reply number" feature for LiveOdds must be turned on. You can verify it in the betradar.com web console under Configuration -> Technical-> XML Export Config -> Configure Liveodds XML.
  • This only works for LiveOdds feed. If you will be integrating virtual sports using SDK, contact SDK development team to enable the "Include response reply number" for virtual servers
  • During SDK integration you can contact the SDK development team.