MBS SDK is a client library that facilitates the integration of a client’s system with Sportradar’s Managed Betting Services (MBS). The library simplifies the integration by reducing the effort required for code development, testing and maintenance. Managed Betting Services is a suite of services designed for betting operators and lotteries to fully manage their sportsbook. Services include integrated trading tools, analytics, risk management and access to AI-driven insights into betting operations.

SDK supports ticket version 3.0.

The major and minor versions specify the ticket version supported by the given SDK version, the build version is incremented each time a new feature is released or a bug is fixed. Breaking changes are only allowed when the SDK is released for a new ticket version (when a major or minor version changes). Subsequent builds of that release will not contain breaking changes. If a feature requiring a breaking change is requested, it will be introduced with support for the next ticket version.