Java UnifiedFeed SDK

UnifiedFeed SDK is a client library that enables easier integration with the Betradar XML feeds. SDK exposes XML feed service interface in a more user-friendly way and isolates the client from having to do XML feed parsing, proper connection handling, error recovery, event queuing, data caching and dispatching. It also makes a client solution more stable and robust when it comes to feed handling, especially with the release of new and updated XML feed versions.

There is a new major release available (Java v3.0.0) along with detailed migration guide for upgrading from current version.

Java v2.x version will only be supported for a limited amount of time. Support will include only bug fixes, all new product features will only be available in new version.

Users are encouraged to upgrade their solution to the newest version and test it in integration environment.

For a quick start consider consulting the Example project also found in Downloads.


  • Reliable message delivery
  • Automatic feed connection handling
  • Automatic request rate limiting and throttling
  • Advanced logging and diagnostics
  • Low latency and high throughput event dispatching
  • Advanced event queuing and prioritization
  • Gracefully handles feed version upgrades
  • Well-documented SDK library data and operation contracts


  • Faster XML feed integration time
  • More user friendly interface with XML feed services
  • Better support from the Sportradar support team due to easier troubleshooting
  • Well tested out, reliable and stable solution


  • Need account with
  • For faster integration please consult Example project and documentation
  • During SDK integration you can contact the SDK development team.