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Sportradar.SDK.Common Namespace

Contains types common for the whole SDK
Public classBetOutcome
Localized bet outcome / odds field.
Public classBetTypeKey
Bet type key (e.g. "3w" = 2)
Public classBetValue
Value associated with a specified BetTypeKey. This includes localized bet type name (e.g. en="hc", fi="Taaoitus") and localized outcomes/odds fields (e.g. "1", "x", "2" in different languages)
Public classClientPersistentStateItem
Client persistent state item.
Public classEntityBase
Serves as a base class for all client data contracts/entities.
Public classLocalizedString
Localized string container where a string is represented by its international value and a collection of translations to other languages.
Public classTypeValueTuple
Public enumerationPriority
Event priority.
Public enumerationSchemaValidationStrictness
Schema validation strictness.
Order is important - from least to most strict. Best choice is probably STRICT. This means we will not spend lots of CPU time while processing eventual junk messages. Our schema supports any attributes so this is not a problem. The only issue could present new (unknown) XML elements.