Upgrade Instructions

Starting with Bookmaker SDK versions (Java) and (.NET) the connection with Live Odds credentials / properties is done by default to a different Betradar server called LivePlex. Since LivePlex and Live Odds servers have different sequences of IDs, you may experience inconsistencies when switching from Live Odds to LivePlex.

It is therefore strongly recommended that you upgrade the SDK version at a time when no live matches are happening. Alternative is that you have global betstop on all markets to avoid any new bets arriving into your system.

If you have already upgraded to the Java SDK v1.5.3.0 or .NET SDK v2.3.7.0 (or higher) and are experiencing unsettled markets, please use the following solution:

1. Global betstop - close all betting (preferably during low-peak hours)
2. Disconnect from the feed (close the SDK)
3. Change connection credentials (downgrade to a previous version of the SDK or override the host/port)
4. Reconnect to the feed (run the SDK)
5. Manually call current request (GetEventStatus) for all unsettled matches (or insert the proper code before running the SDK)
6. Disconnect from the feed (close the SDK)
7. Change connection credentials back to Liveplex (upgrade back to the newest version of the SDK or delete override of the host/port)
8. Reconnect to the feed (run the SDK)

Overriding Live Odds host and port:

Java SDK (sdk.properties):


.NET SDK (App.config):

<LiveOdds BookmakerId="XXXX" BookmakerKey="YYYYYYYY" Hostname="liveodds.betradar.com" Port="1981" />