LiveData SDK - Bookmaker Sdk - Net 2.0 (out of support)

Versions: (5/30/2023) recommended
LiveData update for Snooker.
ScoutEvent extended with new properties - PointsUntilSnookerNeeded, PossibleBreak, MaxBreakFrame, PointsRemaining, Reds.
Removed PrevPitcher property from ScoutEvent. (3/14/2023)
LiveData update for MLB.
ScoutEvent extended with new properties - FirstBasePlayer, SecondBasePlayer, ThirdBasePlayer, HomeRunsHome, HomeRunsAway, PrevPitcher, NextBatter, TotalPitchCount. (1/26/2023)
MatchUpdate extended with new property - SubTeam
MatchHeader extended with new property - VbpClassification
ScoutEvent extended with new poperty - PitchingSubstitution
OddsSuggestions, ScoutOdds, ScoutOddsField had been removed from SDK
Changed default value for SchemaValidationStrictness from 'STRICT' to 'ON'
Added new configuration properties for logging to Common section - MaxSizeRollBackups and MaximumFileSize (9/22/2022)
LiveData update for Ice Hockey
ScoutEvent extended with new properties - positionPlayerPitching, freeKickReason.
Suspensions was replaced with new entity with powerplay under MatchUpdate.
MatchHeader extended with new properties - team1Division, team2Division. (8/25/2022)
LiveData update for Basketball
ScoutEvent extended with new properties - Spot, HomePlayers, AwayPlayers, HappenedAt, ScoreTypeQualifier, ShotDistance, TippedTo, FoulTypeDescriptor, FoulTypeQualifier (7/14/2022)
BM SDK config to use new endpoint for livedata replay server
Sport id and match id filters added to match list request (2/16/2022)
LiveData update for Basketball
ScoutEvent extended with new properties - HomePlayerStatsTotal, AwayPlayerStatsTotal, HomePlayerStatsP1, AwayPlayerStatsP1, HomePlayerStatsP2, AwayPlayerStatsP2, HomePlayerStatsP3, AwayPlayerStatsP3, HomePlayerStatsP4, AwayPlayerStatsP4, HomePlayerStatsOt, AwayPlayerStatsOt, HomeTimeOnCourt, AwayTimeOnCourt
LiveData update for Baseball
ScoutEvent extended with new properties - AtBatNumber, AtBatPitchNumber, BatBallDistance, BatBallX, BatBallY, ExtraInfoKabaddi, FieldingPlayers, PreliminaryMatchStatistics, ActualMatchStatistics, HomeTeamStatsTotal, AwayTeamStatsTotal, HomeTeamStatsP1, AwayTeamStatsP1, HomeTeamStatsP2, AwayTeamStatsP2, HomeTeamStatsP3, AwayTeamStatsP3, HomeTeamStatsP4, AwayTeamStatsP4, HomeTeamStatsOt, AwayTeamStatsOt
LiveData - default production address changed to (12/10/2021)
LiveData: added support for green cards (field hockey) (10/4/2021)
Live Data - new data points added to Ice Hockey
- added Players Time on Ice event
- added Attacking Players event
- added Premium Data Availability event
Added UnavailablePlayersHome, UnavailablePlayersAway to ScoutEvent
Added HomeState, AwayState and Venue to MatchHeader (9/16/2021)
Vfc: internal Odds id field changed from int to long (8/18/2021)
Live Data: new data points added
- added property Fieldgoaldistance for American Football
- added property rounds per map for CS:GO
- improvement to stime handling (5/17/2021)
LiveData: Added MatchUpdate.Scores to get list of scores (may contain sub-score) (11/19/2020)
LiveData update for NFL - new property ScoutEntity.DriveInfoStatus (9/17/2020)
LiveData: added attributes for NFL and CS:GO (8/11/2020)
LiveOdds: Added new event status for MLB
LiveData: Added FormatType.RegularInnings
LiveData: Added support for new MLB match status (6/22/2020)
LiveData update for NFL Premium product
Added MatchProperties and MatchTeams to MatchUpdate
Added attributes for NFL Premium update - extended ScoutEvent (2/11/2020)
LiveData MatchHeader - added ExtMatchId, Var, TeamMatch, TeamMatchId, IsCancelled
LiveData ScoutHeader - added Uuid, PitchType, PitchSpeed, BattingAverages, BatBallSpeed, BatBallAngle, BatBallDirection, Structure, MonsterType, DragonType, WardsPlaced, ChampionDamage
Changing default pull intervals for LCoO to initial delay of 7s and regular delay of 12s
Fix: converting type to the EventType enum no longer throws exception
Fixed configuration parsing for Mono (3/13/2019)
LiveData update:
added property Order to the Player
added property MatchStatus to ScoutEvent
added property SportId to MatchHeader
LiveData max match list interval increased to 300h (1/24/2019)
Added NumberOfWinners property to the EventInfoEntity
Configuration logging levels are used when configuring logger appenders (10/17/2018)
Updated xsd schema for LiveData and LiveOdds (update 2018.5)
Added AFTER_GOLDEN_SET adn AWAITING_GOLDEN_SET to match status enum (5/18/2018)
In MatchHeader type of property Delivery changed from Team? to int? to support cricket values
Added value 1020-SurfaceType to EventType enum
Fix: nameing of property PentaltyRuns to PenaltyRuns in MatchHeader
Fix: BetStop property IsArtifical renamed to IsArtificial (3/27/2018)
Updated LiveData schema
Added properties Behinds and Goals to LiveScout entity (1/22/2018)
Updated to latest LiveData schema
Added MatchStatusId to MatchUpdate entity for LiveScout
Added property ExtraInfoMoba to ScoutEvent entity
Added property Jerseys to MatchUpdate for LiveScout
Added Team1Natural and Team2Natural to MatchHeader entity (9/18/2017)
Enum EventType marked obsolete
Added TypeId property in ScoutEvent (8/29/2017)
Added EXTREME value in WeatherConditions enum
Added properties TouchdownType and ConversionType to ScoutEvent (7/13/2017)
Fixed Pitcher Hand value mapping to enum
Fixed Innings parsing
Changed LiveScout test port to 2047
Updated OddsCreator with latest wsdl (added GetTennisMatchInfo) (5/30/2017)
LiveScout: added Gold and Networth property to entity MatchUpdate; property Innings changed to List of Innings
LiveOdds: added property StatusId
General: BetStopReason - Id property changed from string to int (3/30/2017)
Fixed LiveOdds schema for TvChannel property
Updated LiveScout schema (added CoverageStatusId) (3/29/2017)
Fixed issue with Lcoo encoding (3/28/2017)
Fixed settings of VirtualGameId and RaceDayNumber in virtual sports
Added UniqueId to home and away team property
Changed hostname for VFL feed
Added new EventTypes for LiveScout (3/21/2017)
Minor fixed for AliveWithOutrights
Implemented support for HomeCompetitors and AwayCompetitors (3/15/2017)
VTO - added virtualgameId field
VFC - added some additional checks for outrights headers (3/7/2017)
Changed how it fetches data for Lcoo feed (previously in some rare cases throwed exception) (2/7/2017)
LiveOdds - fixed case where in some situation IsConnectionStable was wrongly set (1/31/2017)
To LiveOdds feed added CoveredFrom property (indicates whether the match is being covered from a television feed or the scout is at the match venue) (1/16/2017)
LiveScout score can have score1 sub element(for example tiebreak), minor breaking change (10/4/2016)
LiveOdds XSD has changed