MTS SDK - NetStandard 2.1

Versions: (12/4/2023) recommended
Rebalanced reconnect timings and reconnects, updated documentation (12/7/2022)
Changed url and to global (9/22/2022)
Support for ticket version 2.4
Added new functionality for promotional bets
Added new payCap attribute to external ticket (Max Payout T&C) (3/22/2021)
Added IMtskSdk.ReportManager for getting HistoryCcfChanges
Fix: removed double acking error
Fix: Removed ambiguity with setting enableUserAqs (internal) (11/6/2020)
Added sslServerName to the configuration
IMtsSdk extended with ConnectionStatus; provides also event ConnectionChange
Removed ticket selection count limit (9/18/2020)
Added # to the User ID pattern
Fix: checking for invalid products (4/7/2020)
Allow 0 cashout stake when building TicketCashout
Added bookmakerId to the client_properties
Added argument to rabbit queue declare: queue-master-locator
Updated rabbit client properties and consumerTag for Standard
Updated DemoProject to use logger factory
Examples updated to use UOF markets
Internalize internal classes and interfaces
Fix: XmlSerializer now properly initializes during DI container creation (1/6/2020)
Port of MTS SDK to .NET Standard 2.1
Replaced Metrics.NET with App.Metrics
Replaced Code.Contracts with Dawn.Guard conditions
Replaced Common.Logging with Microsoft.Extensions.Logging
Upgraded RabbitMQ.Client to v5.1.2
Upgraded Newtonsoft.Json to v12.0.3
Upgraded Unity to 5.11.3
Removed obsolete methods and properties