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Sportradar.SDK.FeedProviders.LiveScout Namespace

Contains elements for LiveScout feed
Public classAttribute
Public classBehinds
Public classConnectionChangeEventArgs
Event arguments passed with OnClosed and OnOpened.
Public classConnectionTest
Connection test.
Public classCourt
Public classFormat
Public classGoals
Public classGold
Public classInnings
Public classInningScore
Inning score
Public classJersey
Public classLineups
The current lineup.
Public classLineupsEventArgs
Event arguments passed with OnLineups.
Public classManager
Team manager
Public classMatchBooking
Match booking reply. This reply is sent when a client books a match.
Public classMatchBookingReplyEventArgs
Event arguments passed with OnMatchBookingReply.
Public classMatchData
Match time information during a game.
Public classMatchDataEventArgs
Event arguments passed with OnMatchData.
Public classMatchHeader
Basic match information specifying match id, teams playing, bet status, feed type and other info.
Public classMatchList
List of matches in the time frame requested by the client.
Public classMatchListEventArgs
Event arguments passed with OnMatchList.
Public classMatchListUpdate
List of matches sent unsolicited from server (uses same format as MatchList for now).
Public classMatchRole
Match role
Public classMatchStop
Reply sent when a client unsubscribes from a match or when a match subscription failed.
Public classMatchStopEventArgs
Event arguments passed with OnMatchStop.
Public classMatchUpdate
Match information message. Contains statistical information about a match as well as individual events (e.g. goals, cards, etc.).
Public classMatchUpdateEventArgs
Public classNetworth
Public classOddsSuggestionEventArgs
Event arguments passed with OnOddsSuggestion.
Public classOddsSuggestions
Suggested live odds for the match which are generated based on statistical models.
Public classPlayer
A player in the lineup.
Public classScout
Public classScoutEntityBase
Serves as a base class that all LiveOdds entities should be derived from.
Public classScoutEvent
Scout event like a card, corner kick, half time, penalty, etc.
Public classScoutInfo
Contains basic information about the match.
Public classScoutInfoEventArgs
Event arguments passed with OnScoutInfo.
Public classScoutInfos
Match information messages (e.g. Distance between teams, Pre-match avg. odds, etc.)
Public classScoutMatchStatusClasses
Group ScoutMatchStatus in to different classes.
Public classScoutOdds
Scout odds of specific type/subtype and corresponding odd fields.
Public classScoutOddsField
Scout odds field consisting of odds side and corresponding odds value (e.g. description="Under 1.5" side="betunder" value="2.9").
Public classTeamOffical
Team offical
Public interfaceILiveScout
Live scout client interface.
Public enumerationBookMatchResult
Book match result
Public enumerationCoverage
Type of match coverage.
Public enumerationEventType Obsolete.
Event type. See LiveScout documentation to see which event types are supported for each sport. New event types can be offered in future.
Public enumerationFormatType
Format type
Public enumerationIceConditions
Ice conditions
Public enumerationInning
Inning half
Public enumerationMatchBetStatus
Bet status (whether market is open or closed)
Public enumerationPitchConditions
Pitch conditions.
Public enumerationScoutFeedType
Type of scout match information message (full, delta or deltaupdate).
Public enumerationScoutMatchStatus
Match status as used by Live Odds. Not all match statuses are used by each sport.
Public enumerationSex
Sex (gender) of the contestant or the whole team.
Public enumerationSurfaceType
Type of surface
Public enumerationWeatherConditions
Weather conditions